“Where Excellence Begins”

    University College is dedicated to students achieving excellence at LSU. Academic and personal success is the hallmark of a well-rounded student, and University College provides a foundation of support services for students beginning their academic careers at LSU.

    Since its establishment in 1933 as “Lower Division,” University College has served as the portal of entry for most incoming freshmen enrolling at LSU. It also serves many returning students and transfer students who are not yet eligible for admission to a degree-granting senior college on campus. The two enrollment divisions of University College are The Center for Freshman Year and The Center for Advising and Counseling. In addition, a variety of retention-specific programs that focus on particular student populations are a significant part of the role and mission of University College.

    The Center for Freshman Year enrolls approximately 6400 students each fall. Students with fewer than 30 hours of college credit who have not been admitted to a senior college comprise this total.

    The Center for Advising and Counseling
    enrolls approximately 2800 students in the fall. Students who have earned 30-plus hours of college credit and who have not yet met the admission requirements from one of the University’s degree-granting senior colleges comprise this total. Other special populations are also included in this enrollment. Visiting students, cross-enrolled students from other institutions, and non-matriculating students who are not working toward degrees are examples of these special populations.

    Allied Health
    and Pre-nursing – Many allied health and pre-nursing students begin their academic careers at LSU with the intent of continuing their studies at one of the campuses of the LSU Health Sciences Center or possibly one of several state and private schools offering degrees in these areas. University College provides advising assistance for these students as they prepare for the selective admission process for these professional programs.

    Student Support Services
    is a federally funded TRIO program that serves a small, select number of undergraduate students. The program provides intensive academic, personal, and career counseling to assist participating students in achieving success at LSU.

    Ronald E. McNair Research Scholars Program, also a federally funded TRIO program, is a part of University College. Its primary purpose is to increase the graduate school enrollment of students, such is minority race students, first generation students, and females who are under-represented at the post-graduate level.

    The Summer Scholars Program, is an eight-week summer program that prepares selected under-represented minority students for a successful transition from high school to the University. This summer experience offers students the opportunity to become adjusted to the academic, personal, and social challenges they may encounter at LSU.

    University College provides a variety of services, events, and programs throughout the year to focus on the retention and success of students. Additional details are available through the website links for each unit.

    Visit Academic Advising for information on contacting a counselor and faculty advisors.

    News & Events

    04/03/2014 09:50 AM
    LSU University College held its annual “Celebration of Excellence” Spring Awards program on Tuesday, April 1, at The Club on Union Square. University College awarded $64,000 through 55 scholarships, 10 LSU faculty teaching awards and one LSU Advisor of the Year Award.
    2/1/2014 09:44 AM
    BATON ROUGE - LSU Women’s Center, McNair Research Scholars Presentation to Address Role of Mothers in Hip-Hop, R&B Music Genres

    1/6/2014 09:42 AM
    BATON ROUGE - LSU students are a diverse group. They come from all over the globe with different dreams, goals, and aspirations for their respective futures. Here is a chance to get to know them one at a time.  No matter his or her academic discipline, everyone has a story to tell…including you!

    11/22/2013 01:44 PM

    BATON ROUGE – The LSU University College’s Summer Scholars program is accepting applications for its Class of 2014.

    09/25/2013 01:18 PM

    BATON ROUGE – Andrea L. Jones, assistant director of LSU University College’s Center for Advising and Counseling, or UCAC, has been selected as the Outstanding Advising Award Winner from the National Academic Advising Association, or NACADA, as part of the 2013 Annual Awards Program for Academic Advising. Jones will be honored and presented this award in Salt Lake City during the association’s annual conference in October.