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Staff Senate June 18, 2014 Meeting Minutes


President Lynn Livingston presided over the June 18, 2014, Staff Senate meeting held at Mike Anderson’s Restaurant, on Lee Drive in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at 10:30 a.m.  


Executive/Administrator/ Manager
P - Torres, Donna  (’15)

P - Collins, LoRita (’14)
A - Matkovic, Igor (’14)
A - Williams, Elmer “T” (’14)
A - Chaney, Carolyn (’16)


P - Baker, Sheantel (’14)
P - Gothreaux, Chad (’14)
P - Millican, Tammy (’14)
P - Moreau, Scott (’14)
P - Perkins, Julie (’14)
P - Carruth, Holly (’15)
P - Galasso, Tiffany (’15)
P - Livingston, Lynn (’15)
P - Loveless, Kathryn (’15)
P - Sasser, Leigh (’15)
P - Saucier, Kandie (’15)
P - Silver, Jon (’15)
Pr - Craddock, Jacquelyn (’16)
P - Davis, Anaiah (’16)
P - Hale, Robert (’16)
P - Hart, M.E. (’16)

Skilled Crafts
A - Heil, Mark (’15)
P - Adedeji, Funmilayo (’16)


P - Love, Donna (’14)


A - Collins, Judy (’14)
P - Bennett, Casey (’15)
A - Collins, Debra (’16)
P - Joseph, LaToya (’16)


A - Indicates Absent
P - Indicates Present
Pr - Indicates Proxy


Guests:
Adam Yates, Center for Computation and Technology


The meeting was called to order by President Livingston at 10:30 a.m.


There was a quorum with one proxy noted.


Past-President Chad Gothreaux led the Pledge of Allegiance.


President Livingston thanked Senator Loveless for reserving the banquet room at Mike Anderson’s Restaurant for the meeting and luncheon today.


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – May 21, 2014, Staff Senate Meeting


Page 2, Paragraph 9, line 3 reads: LSU for about year should read: LSU for about a year
Page 3, Paragraph 2, line 4 reads: some of which is should read: some of these issues which is
Page 3, Paragraph 6, line 5 reads: Lakeshore area should read: and the Lakeshore area
Page 5, Paragraph 6, line 1 reads: Could something be coordinated with Jitney the shuttle for those folks? should read: Could something be coordinated with the Jitney Shuttle Service to get those employees to their buildings?
Page 5, Paragraph 10, line 2 reads: cart garage should read: cart garage?
Page 9, Paragraph 3, line 4 reads: may be a god idea should read: may be a good idea
Page 9, Paragraph 3, line 4 reads: so everyone should read: so that everyone
Page 9, Paragraph 3, line 6 reads: set-up something up there should read: set something up there


A motion to accept the minutes as amended was made by Secretary Carruth. The motion, seconded by Past-President Gothreaux, carried.

President Livingston reported that on June 3, she led the Executive Committee meeting and set the agenda for this meeting.


President Livingston asked if any of the Committee Chairs had any updates to provide.


Staff Benefits, Policies and Development
Senator Love mentioned that Governor Jindal has signed HB6, so it is now law. The Board of Supervisors will meet this Friday, June 20, 2014 and this item is on their agenda. There is also a schedule provided in the agenda of how they would like to see those incremental changes occur through 2018. 


Budget and Finance
Member-at-Large Baker reported that the Budget and Finance Committee met on June 12, 2014. The committee heard a presentation from Brad Spring regarding the retirement legislation. She also mentioned that the upper administration is discussing merit increases for next year’s budget which may be between 2-3%. One of the university’s strategic initiatives is to recruit faculty as we have lost quite a bit of faculty lately, so they realize a merit increase may be needed to recruit faculty and to keep staff as well.


Senator Millican mentioned that the Marketing Committee is in the process of hiring another Marketing Student Intern for the fall semester. There were four candidates set-up for interviews and three of the four have cancelled. The committee is reviewing additional resumes received and will meet in July to interview the ones that the committee has selected.


President Livingston announced that on May 16, 2014, a memo was sent to the President through the Provost regarding the Staff Senate Constitutional and Bylaws changes. She has tried to track down the location of said memo but can understand that it may take some time to work itself up the chain.. She will keep the Staff Senate posted on those developments. Member-at-Large Torres mentioned that President Livingston may want to reach out to Jason Droddy regarding that approval. It may be sitting on the President’s desk for his review and approval. 


Benefit of the Month
Member-at-Large Torres mentioned that thanks to Senator Millican, the benefit for this month is that Continuing Education offers summer courses for elementary and high school students at a 20% discount. The code for the discount when registering is LSUSUMMER2014. Senator Saucier mentioned that there are also residential programs, design programs, technology programs and there are some programming and engineering programs as well. Continuing Education has a lot of partnerships with some local companies that help with these summer programs which is great because it provides more one on one time with professionals in those fields. 


Staff Senate Gift Fund
President Livingston reminded the group of the Staff Senate Gift Fund. If you haven’t contributed and you can, please donate $10 towards the fund so we can build that back up as we have used a lot of those funds this year for some happy events and some sad events that Senators have experienced this year.   


Recognition of Senators
President Livingston recognized those Senators who had fulfilled their terms of office and those who have served the Senate as chairs and liaisons during this past year. Livingston presented certificates of appreciation for dedication and service to Senators Sheantel Baker, Holly Carruth, Judy Collins, LoRita Collins, Jacquelyn Craddock, Anaiah Davis, Chad Gothreaux, M.E. Hart, Mark Heil, LaToya Joseph, Donna Love, Kathryn Loveless, Igor Matkovic, Tammy Millican, Scott Moreau, Julie Perkins, Leigh Sasser, Kandie Saucier, Donna Torres and Elmer Williams.


President Livingston also presented the President’s Attendance Award to Senators Dominic Adedeji, Sheantel Baker, Anaiah Davis, LaToya Joseph and Tammy Millican for perfect attendance at all of the Staff Senate meetings for the year.


President-Elect Perkins also presented the President’s Attendance Award to President Lynn Livingston. Perkins presented a certificate of appreciation for dedication and service to President Lynn Livingston as well.


President Livingston announced that we have two special awards that the Staff Senate has been giving out the past few years now. One is the LSU Staff Senator Service Award for a Senator who typically has been on Senate for a couple of years and has really stood out as a Senator in terms of their service and dedication. This recipient stood out to the Executive Committee with her commitment to all of the initiatives on the Staff Senate. Everything that we did, this recipient was involved and gave 100%. She also kept the Senate up to date with all of the retirement legislation. The Staff Senate Executive Committee recognized Donna Love as this year’s recipient of the LSU Staff Senator Service Award.


President Livingston announced that the second award is the Outstanding New Senator Award. The recipient of this award has participated fully with everything that the Staff Senate has done this year and has also done a little more than what was expected. She has been the Senate’s go-to person for the Staff Senate website and survey administration. She has attended the Marketing Committee as well even though she was not a committee member. The Staff Senate Executive Committee recognized M.E. Hart as this year’s recipient of the LSU Outstanding New Senator Award.


Introduction of Elected Senators
President Livingston announced the newly elected and re-elected Staff Senators who were chosen to serve a three year term from 2014-2017.


Professional/Non-Faculty Category:
Tammy Millican, Assistant Director – Facility Services


Technical/Paraprofessional Category:
Adam Yates, Manager – Center for Computation and Technology


Service/Maintenance category:
LoRita Collins, Custodian Manager – Facility Services
Igor Matkovic, Custodian Manager – Facility Services


President’s Closing Address – Passing of the Gavel
President Livingston mentioned in closing that it is hard to believe that one year has passed already. She thinks she knew going into this what to expect but there were two things that she didn’t expect. The first one was exactly how much we were going to accomplish this year. We accomplished a lot! We did so much to improve Staff Senate, LSU and the people we work with. That is one thing that has surprised her. The second one was how much time and care everybody who serves on Staff Senate gave this year in one way or another. This is a volunteer position but there is a difference between just volunteering and caring about what you volunteering for and she noticed that with so many people. She is just so thankful for that because we wouldn’t have been able to do what we did this year without you all. We can’t forget that what we do is on a volunteer basis, so she does appreciate every minute that everyone spent on Staff Senate giving of yourself and your time. Whether it was helping a colleague understand the retirement legislation or listening to someone rant about parking issues, it all matters! Livingston thinks that we should be really proud of the debates and the conversations that we’ve had as a Senate. We have taken up some difficult issues but she thinks it has made us stronger and she appreciates the participation and the patience with some long meetings. She thinks back to the smoking policy conversation and the Bylaws and Constitutional conversations we were having. Those are big! It was successful! She appreciates everybody’s attention with everything but you’ve heard time and time again that the most of the work we do is in committees, so she wanted to highlight all the different initiatives that were accomplished in the committees. She thinks that every committee has something to be proud about this year.

The Staff Benefits, Policies and Development Committee hosted a successful New Employee Reception. The difficult task for this committee was monitoring the retirement legislation and as a result delivered an excellent forum in April to our staff members.


The Budget and Finance/Governmental Relations Committee monitored changes in the budget and what is going on downtown;  which is never easy. She appreciates those committee members and chairs taking the initiative in keeping the Senate posted.


The Communications Committee certainly took a marketing tilt this year to help out Senator Millican and the Marketing Committee. She thinks a big piece of that through marketing was helping the Staff Senate Intern get the Staff Senate’s name out there through social media which is a big thing.


The Long Range Review and Planning Committee created the Staff Senate Mission and Vision statement which was no small task.


The Bylaws Committee provided some clarification on some procedural things but they also made changes to the Constitution and Bylaws.


The Holiday on Campus Committee hosted a highly successful event in a very new format which is a huge accomplishment for Senate.


The Marketing Committee accomplished so much under Senator Millican’s leadership. The Staff Senate Intern position was created, filled and utilized. The committee also created the Staff Senate Bookmark to help get the Staff Senate’s name out in a different manner. The committee also helped streamline and improve the Staff Senate website and provided support with the lapel pin marketing which was a lot to do.


The Scholarship Committee had a great new initiative with the creation of the “LSU Staff” Lapel Pin and the sale of those pins. And as always great success with raising funds for the Staff Senate Fee Support Scholarship through the Clovers and Quarters fundraiser and with the Holiday Door Decorating Contest.


President Livingston mentioned that every committee has something to be proud of this year and something to strive for next year. Job well done!

She mentioned that in addition to some of the wonderful committee work, we approved some logistical things on Staff Senate. We added a few new liaison assignments which is great because we are developing those relationships across campus and we are getting ourselves out there. Along those same lines, we have renewed a dialogue with Parking which is the most hotly contested issue on campus for everybody, so having those lines of communications open is always a good thing to have.


President Livingston mentioned from a more behind the scenes perspective with the Executive Committee, we’ve developed a monthly budget review process to make us a little bit more transparent but also keep ourselves on track. We also utilized electronic voting for the first time and hopefully we can continue to use that for the future. We also secured a Staff Senate email address so we communicate with our staff members.

President Livingston is looking forward to a few things this next year that hopefully gain some momentum as she sits on the Executive Committee as Past-President. Maybe an employee recognition system can be tackled next year, development of the Staff Senate’s Strategic Plan and maybe the start of an annual team building event for Staff Senate. She would like to give a huge thank you to the Executive Committee for all of their understanding and patience. They provided a lot of encouragement when things seemed a little too massive to undertake. She also gave a huge thank you to the full Senate for everything that they have done this year. She thinks we had a great year!


President Livingston officially passed the gavel to President-Elect Perkins.


President’s Plaque
President-Elect Perkins presented President Livingston with a certificate of appreciation, President’s Plaque for her dedication and service as the Staff Senate President and thanked her for all of her hard work this past year. Perkins mentioned that President Livingston provided an extremely large amount of wisdom, councel, advice and information throughout the entire year. She mentioned that she doesn’t know who could have done it better. 


2014-2015 Executive Committee Officers
President-Elect Perkins announced the new Staff Senate Executive Committee members are President-Elect Tammy Millican, Secretary Jacquelyn Craddock, Members-at-Large M.E. Hart and Leigh Sasser, and Past-President (Ex-Officio) Lynn Livingston.


June Luncheon Sign-up
President-Elect Perkins announced that after the meeting today our end of the year luncheon will be held.


Staff Senator Birthday
President-Elect Perkins announced that Member-at-Large Sheantel Baker celebrated her birthday on June 12 and Member-at-Large Donna Torres celebrated her birthday on June 17, “Happy Birthday”.


MOTION TO ADJOURN – With there being no more business, President Livingston moved to adjourn.  The motion, seconded by Senator Hart, carried.  The meeting adjourned before noon.


Jacquelyn Craddock, Secretary