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Staff Senate May 21, 2014 Meeting Minutes


President Lynn Livingston presided over the May 21, 2014, Staff Senate meeting held at Peabody Hall, Room 225, on the LSU Campus at 10:30 a.m.  


Executive/Administrator/ Manager
Pr - Torres, Donna  (’15)

P - Collins, Lorita (’14)
P - Matkovic, Igor (’14)
A - Williams, Elmer “T” (’14)
A - Chaney, Carolyn (’16)


P - Baker, Sheantel (’14)
P - Gothreaux, Chad (’14)
P - Millican, Tammy (’14)
Pr - Moreau, Scott (’14)
P - Perkins, Julie (’14)
P - Carruth, Holly (’15)
A - Galasso, Tiffany (’15)
P - Livingston, Lynn (’15)
P - Loveless, Kathryn (’15)
P - Sasser, Leigh (’15)
A - Saucier, Kandie (’15)
P - Silver, Jon (’15)
P - Craddock, Jacquelyn (’16)
P - Davis, Anaiah (’16)
P - Hale, Robert (’16)
P - Hart, M.E. (’16)

Skilled Crafts
P - Heil, Mark (’15)
P - Adedeji, Funmilayo (’16)


P - Love, Donna (’14)


P - Collins, Judy (’14)
A - Bennett, Casey (’15)
P - Collins, Debra (’16)
P - Joseph, LaToya (’16)


A - Indicates Absent
P - Indicates Present
Pr - Indicates Proxy


Guests:
Jeff Campbell, Administrative Services & Risk Management, Parking & Transportation Services
Sara Beth Stanford, Information Technology Services
Mark Foretich, Information Technology Services
Brian Ainsworth, Campus Federal Credit Union


The meeting was called to order by President Livingston at 10:30 a.m.


There was a quorum with two proxies noted.


Senator Davis led the Pledge of Allegiance.


President Livingston announced that the Staff Senate has a special presentation and asked Senator Millican to do the honors. Senator Millican mentioned it was a very interesting and productive year for the Marketing Committee. There were some fantastic Staff Senators who served tirelessly as well as two volunteer, non-Senators who attended committee meetings and helped the committee complete some of the initiatives that they were given. One of the committee’s volunteers, Mark Foretich recruited some help from one of his co-workers on one of those initiatives. Millican wanted to take this time to thank her for all of her help. When the committee decided to move from a brochure to a bookmark for Staff Senate, we sketched out some ideas and took time to review and edit them. Foretich took those ideas back to his office and asked one of his co-workers what she liked about the committee’s ideas and she said, “nothing”. So after showing her the information and sketches that the committee came up with, she took that information and came back with a perfect design that was approved by the Executive Committee and we are now using and circulating to staff on campus. Also, when the Scholarship Committee decided to sell Lapel Pins, she also designed the final lapel pin bookmark that are being handed out when the lapel pins are sold. A big, “Thank you” to Mark for bringing his talented co-worker on to this initiative. On behalf of the Staff Senate, Senator Millican would like to thank Sara Beth Stanford for all of her service and contribution to the Staff Senate and presented her with an LSU Staff Lapel Pin and flowers. Millican mentioned we are very proud as staff members to serve alongside a staff person like her.  


APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES – April 16, 2014, Staff Senate Meeting


A motion to accept the minutes was made by Past-President Gothreaux. The motion, seconded by Senator Joseph, carried.

GUEST SPEAKER – Jeff Campbell, Administrative Services & Risk Management, Parking & Transportation Services


President Livingston welcomed Jeff Campbell and thanked him for coming to share some information with the Staff Senate regarding parking projects on campus.  


Jeff Campbell began his presentation by mentioning he knows several Staff Senators that are present today. He has been working with LSU for over 20 years. He began working in the Athletic Department, left LSU for about a year then came back and worked at the Assembly Center for about 7 years. He then transferred to Auxiliary Services where he served as Interim Director of the Recreation Center for about a year and Interim Director of the Student Health Center for about 6 months after that. So he has worked with some of the different units on campus. He is now with Administrative Services and Risk Management with Brian Nichols who recently became permanent Chief Information Officer. Nichols asked Campbell to be the direct report for parking. Campbell mentioned that also Gary Graham who was the Director of Parking and Transportation recently retired after over 30 years of service at LSU. So as of now, Campbell does not have the Interim Title but he is overseeing Parking and Transportation. Campbell also wanted to mention that he did purchase one of Staff Senate’s “LSU Staff” lapel pins.


Jeff Campbell mentioned that he and President Livingston have been talking during the past year about parking issues. He mentioned it is a fact that that parking is an issue on campus. The Parking Office does come against a lot of challenges on a daily basis. There was an issue this morning with “B” parking. Some of these issues which is outside of their control, for example the Movie Pitch Perfect 2 is being filmed on campus right now which is great publicity for LSU but it causes parking spots and streets to be blocked due to filming. Also, there is a lot of law enforcement on campus right now due to training exercises and texting which also took up some of the parking. So some of these types of things happen from time to time and is out of their control but they try to manage it as best they can.


Jeff Campbell mentioned that the PowerPoint presentation he will go through today was also presented at the Business Manager’s Meeting last month, so he is trying to keep the different groups on campus up to date on what is going on with parking, present and future. He mentioned that Parking has changed their name from Parking, Traffic and Transportation to Parking and Transportation as traffic is not representative of what they really do and is handled by the Police Department. They felt that the name change was needed. They have also changed the look of their parking attendant’s uniforms which look nicer than the previous brown uniforms and the new uniforms are reflective which helps from a safety standpoint. They also wanted to make a new commitment to service since they changed their name. They would like to pride themselves on service to the community.


Jeff Campbell stated that the new parking garage behind the bookstore has plenty of parking available. There are about 90 spaces reserved for “C” permit parking with only about 18 spaces being used. The fee to use the garage is a little bit more expensive which is $750 a year as opposed to $500 a year to park in a “C” parking lot but it is covered parking, so in the hot summer months, your vehicle would not get too hot and in the rain it is covered, so you don’t have to rush to get into your vehicle. He mentioned that the parking fees are higher to use the garage but if we look across our peers on average, we pay $200-$300 less than what our peers pay to park on campus. Since we haven’t had any increases in a while it’s been hard to keep up with our Parking Master Plan. He mentioned to as something to consider as they are trying to get employees to use the garage.  The garage is open 24 hours a day,7 days a week and at a cost of  a $1.50 an hour to park without the reserved parking designation for the garage even if you have a “C” tag for another lot.


Jeff Campbell mentioned the guard booths that are placed around campus to help control traffic for the interior of the campus. He has heard several issues with the guard booths such as the wand doesn’t work to open the gates which can be a challenge sometimes. They are currently upgrading all of the wiring in all the gates to fiber which will hopefully be finished this June, so we should see some quicker response. Also, the read heads will be upgraded this summer or in December, so everyone will be issued a new wand hopefully this August if not by November.


Jeff Campbell mentioned some of the projects that have been completed. One of which is the Dalrymple roundabout which has really helped traffic in that area. This has really helped with the Lab School carpooling in the afternoon. There are still a few little adjustments that are needed but all in all have really worked out well. They are a few other roundabouts planned for the corner of South Stadium and East Parker, and the Lakeshore area which gets pretty congested and which they are working with the city on. He mentioned Thomas Boyd Parking Lot was completed last summer. There have been some challenges as there are a few less “C” parking spaces and with the employees who have universal parking wands they tend to take over some of the parking for the employees who work in Thomas Boyd Hall. The lot was redesigned to help with a separate parking area on the side of the “C” lot which is called C1 overflow which was designed for those universal parkers who may be just coming to Thomas Boyd for a short time for a meeting.They are working on Easy Streets II but they have taken a step back with Facility Services to rethink some of the plans. They didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the implementation because there is a lot of infrastructure underground that needs to be addressed with Facility Services. They do have a plan to do some new striping on campus instead of painting the curbs which aesthetically does not look nice for the campus. They will still paint some of the curbs where the stripping may not be effective. So they are trying to do some things to make the campus look a lot nicer. He mentioned Tower Drive on the East side the sidewalk has been widened but this will be revisited for some adjustments to have the street more in the middle with the sidewalks the same width on each side so it doesn’t look so offset. Campbell mentioned South Campus coming from Highland Road, they took away some handicap spaces but they will be adding those back with a few more in that area. He mentioned probably one of the hottest topics was the closer of a portion of Tower Drive from South Campus to South Stadium. It was in the original Campus Master Plan from 2005, so they have continued with that plan which took a lot of good “B” parking away but they are trying to increase “B” parking. They are going to change this some and treat it like Tower Drive like between Coates Hall and the Union and open it up after 4:30 p.m. and before 8:00 a.m. The President/Chancellor does not like the closure of street like near the Life Sciences building but there is a push to take street parking away just because it creates so much more congestion. This will not happen anytime soon.


Jeff Campbell mentioned another part of Easy Streets on Dalrymple is they are going to expand on the South side to put in a carpool lane for the Lab School to get the cars off of the street and to create a better bike path which is coming up but is still in the works. So these are some of the new things that will be happening. He mentioned there was a project for Patrick F. Taylor Hall with the Engineering Department to expand which is a joint effort with the State and LSU. After football season, the lot to the west of Patrick F. Taylor Hall and the new Engineering Annex will be added. So we will loss quite a bit of parking in this area but it does help them reconfigure some parking. Facility Services is also doing a project in this area to fence in Facility Services to help that area look a little better. They will close off CEBA Lane which will be turned into a parking lot with the idea of taking the street that is between the two Facility Services buildings and make that street connect with the Nicholson Extension. The “A” lot parking across the street will be increased for students and staff. The metered spaces will be moved across the street as well. So there is going to be this change from West CEBA lot to more “C” parking in front of Facility Services, moving some “B” parking to the back and then right behind Swine Palace, they will add some parking in the back. He is not sure what the gain and loss with parking in that area will be. In everything that they are doing, they are going to try and increase “B” and “C” parking. When you lose a parking lot it is hard but they are going to try and make as conducive as possible. When you add buildings, it just pushes parking to the outskirts. A lot of our peers are a lot further along with their parking program than we are. They have more parking garages which are typically on the outskirts of the campus. There is a push for the interior of the campus to become a little greener and maybe at some point people will be parking on the outskirts and walking in. Campbell presented some designs of what it would look like once completed. They are also going to add some “C” parking on Forestry Lane in hopes of trying to offset the parking that will be lost in West CEBA. He mentioned that we are losing more “C” parking than “B” parking but they are trying to increase “B” parking as well. The visitor parking will be moved across the street. He mentioned that they have a lot of things going on this week which one of those is the Bayou Country Superfest and it including a Friday event. There was a notice that went out but the campus will open at 1:00 p.m. with all the gates going up, so if you are in your parking space at 1:00 p.m. you should be fine but if you leave, you may not have a spot when you return. However, if you cannot find a space, the parking garage will be open for free to park there from 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. Also, they will be conducting an update to the Parking Master Plan within the next week or so. 


Q: Has there been any further discussion of the parking garage where the old Alex Box Stadium use to be?


A: There is the Nicholson Project that is going on and on the corner of Nicholson and Skip Bertman. The LSU Foundation is building a new administration office building, so eventually there will be a parking garage to service that area.


Q: For the Bayou Country Superfest, will just free parking be affected or all parking on campus?

Senator L. Collins is concerned about the evening custodian staff that may not be able to find a parking spot. They usually park in different areas of campus. 


A: All over campus. There will be two lots on the East side that will charge for parking, everything else will be free parking, so wherever they can find a spot they are welcome to use those but he will get with her to figure out something for those staff members. If a majority arrive at 3:30 p.m., the concert doesn’t start until 6:00 p.m. so hopefully it will not be too hard to find a spot. On the East side of campus, it should not be too hard to find a spot as everything will be happening on the West side of campus.


Q: Could something be coordinated with the Jitney Shuttle Service to get those employees to their buildings? 


A: Maybe for a smaller event but they are short staffed and Jitney may not be available to coordinate that. A good place to park would be the Ostrich lot which is at the end of Nicholson Extension near Highland. This lot will be reserved and shuttles will be running for students taking intersession.


Q: The garage reserved parking for “C” tags is that from Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m. only? Is that still reserved for afterhour events?


A: Right now it is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week outside of game days but that is still trying to be worked out.       


Q: When they start the work on CEBA Lane, behind the Copy & Mail Center, next to the Facility Services, will that be turned into a cart garage?


A: Yes, there is going to be a cart garage but it will be on the South end behind the fence. Primarily for Facility Services carts.


Jeff Campbell mentioned that there has been an issue with departments reserving space for guests where “B” parking is. As “B” parkers, you really don’t have reserved space, you have a reserved area. Unfortunately, it can be difficult when those requests come in because it does take away from “B” parking in those areas that are requesting the space. They try to accommodate that as much as they can. Hopefully the garage can be used more with shuttles running for those types of requests.


President Livingston thanked Jeff Campbell for coming to speak to the Staff Senate today and mentioned that if you need any help with the Campus Master Plan, Staff Senate would like to help if needed.


President Livingston reported that on April 25, she attended the University Council on Gender Equity Committee Meeting. The Liaison Report was included in the meeting packet.


President Livingston reported that on April 28, she and President-Elect Perkins attended the Chancellor’s Staff Meeting. A lot of the items discussed in that meeting have already come out on the front page of LSU’s website. Some of the highlights are at the time of that meeting, the Legislative update that they received was three pronged update, one of which was Tuition will remain the same for us, there is no anticipated budget cuts and that the Wise program was voted through. The session ends in a few weeks and it’s not until that last bill gets approved until ? we know falls in line. We will keep watching it but for right now everything looks ok for us for next year. Provost Bell mentioned filling faculty positions in that meeting he mentioned 150 faculty spots but at a subsequent meeting with the Board of Supervisors, he indicated 70 spots but (so?) it looks like they are trying to fill a lot of faculty positions for the Fall. Dr. Keppler mentioned that applications are up by 6%, he didn’t really talk about enrollment at that point but he did mention that out of state applications being a chunk of the increase in applications. Livingston mentioned that many new Deans have been named in the past few weeks. The summary is we have 10 new Deans in 16 months. The LSU Foundation building will break ground in June. There was a discussion about the GRAD ACT and each year we have to reach certain benchmarks, one of those we took a hit with retention which went down from the first year to the third year went down 2% and because of the decrease it could affect our autonomies here on campus. There was a lot of discussion about what numbers are reported and it seems that people are looking at numbers that fit their case where they may be looking at one set of numbers that may or may not reflect our student body but we have good people fighting for LSU. 


President Livingston reported that on May 1 and May 5, she along with the Executive Committee were included for the candidate interviews for Vice Provost for Diversity. She was also included in the luncheons with the candidates as part of her involvement with the University Council on Gender Equity. The Provost asked the Staff Senate Executive Committee for their direct feedback and we did receive confirmation that it was received.


President Livingston reported that on May 8, she along with Past-President Gothreaux attended the Council of Staff Advisors Meeting. Livingston will be the representative on that committee next year. Brad Spring attended the meeting to give a retirement legislative update so the other representatives across the state were aware of what was going on as well. Within the next few weeks, the Council will hopefully have their membership in place for next year.  


President Livingston reported that on May 9, she along with President-Elect Perkins and Past-President Gothreaux attended the Board of Supervisor’s Meeting. There was a lot of business discussed but the highlights are there was approval for a new Greek House to open in the Fall of 2016 on West Lakeshore, the Board approved the schematics for the new LSU Foundation building, there was a discussion about the economic impacts on Athletics, there was also discussion about the Baton Rouge Area Foundation Master Plan with regards to dredging the LSU lakes. They talked about the broader picture of security along the walking paths but they wanted us to know that LSU is at the table for discussions about the dredging. The focus will be on University Lake and City Park Lake but because there are four other lakes involved, they are going to take a look at them but they may or may not become the focus of any work. The Council of Faculty Advisors presented some information on tuition benefits across the LSU System and it included faculty and staff information. Currently staff can attend classes but that same stipulation is not in the policy for faculty members, so there was a report on the nation-wide trend.  


Past-President Gothreaux mentioned that he asked to attend the active shooter training on behalf of his college and from his observation, there were not very many administrators who attended. The President/Chancellor was there briefly, the District Attorney, the Chief of Police, the Sheriff attended. He mentioned it was very eerie to hear gunshot blasts going off in Middleton Library even though they were blanks, it was very loud. To see 30-40 law enforcement personnel all come in and begin sweeping rooms, it was an unsettling site. He is not sure of the outcome in terms of the debriefing. It was not a real time exercise. The 13th gate company came in and did the make-up, so some people looked like they had wounds. So basically it was to test the communication from different offices and also the response time for law enforcement to arrive. They even took people to the hospital for that aspect of it. So it went through the initial call, the initial response, the fire and emergency personnel arrival but not entering a building until the building is clear, then they went in about 30 minutes after the first shot was fired. The police arrived about 15 minutes after the first shot was fired. Lots of people were there, it was very interesting to watch. He is not sure if it was successful as this is not his area of expertise but there were certain things they were testing and not testing. Many people were involved with different roles they played. Everyone was interviewed, the hurt were brought to the hospital and then the detectives went through the crime scene and interviewed witnesses. It was very unsettling to watch and he hopes we never have to go through anything like that. President-Elect Perkins mentioned that the reason the attendance from the administrators may have been light was because there was a Veteran’s Award Ceremony for graduates and the President and Provost were scheduled to be out of town and were told not to cancel those trips since in the event this could happen, they would likely be out of town.


President Livingston asked if any of the Committee Chairs had any updates to provide.


Staff Benefits, Policies and Development
Senator Love mentioned that today during the legislative session, the House will vote on HB6 at 1:00 p.m. and it is not vote on concurrence which means amendments were made to the Senate to the bill, so they have to vote on those.


Senator Love mentioned that Information Technology Services did a project through Partnership and Community Engagement (P.A.C.E.) which Senator Anaiah Davis serves as Chair of the Committee. Their initiative this month was to collect food for the LSU Student Pantry. Senator Love was unaware that LSU had a student pantry but mentioned that it was put in place by the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability to help students that are without or have a lack of adequate food supply. She encouraged Senators to donate if they can.


President Livingston mentioned that the Constitutional Amendments have passed according to the campus-wide staff vote. She hand delivered the memo to have the Bylaws and Constitution Amendments approved through the Provost Office on Friday, May 16, 2014. She hopes to receive them back soon as it may be possible to hold a special election to fill the required seats that will now be available before June 30, 2014.


President Livingston mentioned that Senator Sasser submitted a LASERS/TRSL Liaison Report which was included in the May Meeting Packet for review.


Faculty Senate
Senator Craddock reported that she attended the Faculty Senate Meeting on May 7, 2014. The report was included in the meeting packet. There was a second and final reading of Resolution 14-08 which is the Support for Establishing an Academic Honor Code: The Tiger Creed introduced by the request of Student Government. In the resolution, staff is mentioned as well. Craddock made a recommendation to the Student Government representative who attended the meeting that they may want to present to the Staff Senate as well in the fall since staff are included in that Academic Honor Code.


Staff Senate Executive Officer Election Speeches
President Livingston announced the elections of the Staff Senate Executive Committee President-Elect Officer position. Candidates who were nominated are Senators Anaiah Davis, Igor Matkovic and Tammy Millican.


President Livingston opened the floor for any additional nominations.


A motion to close nominations was made by Past-President Gothreaux. The motion, seconded by Member-at-Large Baker, carried.

Candidates were asked to give a short speech.


President Livingston announced the elections of the Staff Senate Executive Committee Secretary Officer position. Candidates who were nominated are Senators Jacquelyn Craddock and LaToya Joseph.


President Livingston opened the floor for any additional nominations.


A motion to close nominations was made by Past-President Gothreaux. The motion, seconded by Secretary Carruth, carried.


Candidates were asked to give a short speech.


President Livingston announced the elections of the Staff Senate Executive Committee Member-at-Large Officer positions. Candidates who were nominated are Senators Lorita Collins, M.E. Hart, Kathryn Loveless and Leigh Sasser.


President Livingston opened the floor for any additional nominations.


A motion to close nominations was made by Past-President Gothreaux. The motion, seconded by Secretary Carruth, carried.


Candidates were also asked to give short speeches.   


President Livingston announced that Staff Senators will receive the ballots electronically and can return by campus mail to remain anonymous or can send electronically. Senators have until May 30, 2014 to submit votes to the Staff Senate office. Voting ballots will be hand delivered to those who were not in attendance and who may not be able to check their email often.  


Benefit of the Month
President Livingston mentioned that once Member-at-Large Torres announces the benefit for this month, the Staff Senate Office will send out electronically to the full Senate.


Staff Senate Gift Fund
President Livingston reminded the group of the Staff Senate Gift Fund. If you haven’t contributed and you can, please donate $10 towards the fund so we can build that back up as we have used a lot of those funds this year with many things that have happened.   


June Luncheon
President Livingston announced that the Executive Committee discussed the traditional Pot Luck Luncheon that is held every year and discussed possibly doing something different this year. We could either go to a restaurant or order food to be delivered. She wants to see what Senators think about these ideas. Senator Davis mentioned doing something later that day may be a good idea so that everyone does not have to rush back to work. Senator Loveless mentioned that her husband works at Mike Anderson’s and she is sure she could set something up there with a select menu. We could reserve the banquet room and possibly hold the general meeting there as well to help with time. President Livingston mentioned we will not have a guest speaker, just some light agenda items, so the meeting will not run very long and then we all could enjoy lunch there together. Livingston announced we will see what Senator Loveless can set-up and get back to the full Senate with the details.


Staff Senator Birthday
President Livingston announced that Senator Mark Heil will celebrate his birthday on May 26, Past-President Gothreaux will celebrate his birthday on May 28 and Senator Jacquelyn Craddock will celebrate her birthday on May 30. “Happy Birthday”.


MOTION TO ADJOURN – With there being no more business, Senator Loveless moved to adjourn.  The motion, seconded by Senator Joseph, carried.  The meeting adjourned before noon.


Holly Carruth, Secretary