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*The Staff Senate welcomes non-senator participation on all committees.  


Staff Benefits, Policies and Development Committee:
Maintains an on-going study to determine the needs of the classified and professional/unclassified staff at the University.


Budget and Finance Committee:
Evaluates and analyzes the University’s budget, noting pertinent changes over time and items directly affecting staff.  


Bylaws Committee:
Reviews and amends the Staff Senate Bylaws as needed with approval from the Executive Committee, full Staff Senate and Chancellor.   


Communications Committee:
Relays the activities and contributions of the Staff Senate to all staff and works to improve communication efforts across campus.


Governmental Relations Committee:
Monitors and reports on the actions in higher education on the local, state and federal levels which may affect the LSU staff.  


Holiday on Campus:
Plans and makes arrangements for the annual holiday event for the LSU Community.


Long Range Review and Planning Committee:
Maintains an on-going study of University matters relating to staff to anticipate future needs and priorities.


Marketing Committee:
Develops effective marketing, branding, outreach and communication of the Staff Senate to staff.  


Staff Senate Scholarship:
Promotes the scholarship awarded to a qualified dependent of an LSU employee and raises funds to create additional scholarships like the Staff Senate Fee Support Scholarship for staff.