Lanthanide Complex Indicators for Neutral Sugars & Cancer Biomarkers

LSU Reference: 0521



  • Under patent prosecution

  • Water-soluble lanthanide complexes can detect neutral carbohydrates, differentiate gangliosides and discriminate the cancer biomarker LPA (lysophosphatidylic acid) over other biomolecules at physiological pH .


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  • Neutral carbohydrate, ganglioside and lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) detection.

  • Superior sensitivity and discrimination.

Abstract: We have developed lanthanide-based water-soluble salophene complexes that are useful in three important ways: (i) Detection of neutral carbohydrates while at physiologically-relevant pH; (ii) Selective detection of sialic-acid rich gangliosides, known cancer biomarkers; and (iii) Selective detection of lysophosphatidic acid (LPA), a potential early stage ovarian cancer biomarker, even in the presence of other phospholipids and related biomolecules. All three detection modes utilize well-established and widespread fluorescence detection to quantify results. We have overcome the long-standing problem of competitive binding by bulk water, which has until now necessitated a highly elevated, far-from-physiological pH environment for a useful extent of coordination and signal transduction to occur. We also avoid the impractically-long analytical chemistry sequence previously required to assay for LPA with a rapid, easy-to-use protocol that could easily be placed in an ordinary clinical diagnostic laboratory.