Mechanical Seal Having a Single-Piece, Perforated Mating Ring

LSU Reference: 0411


Description: A new mating ring design that decreases the seal face temperature in many types of industrial pumps.

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  • Chemical, petrochemical and process industries
  • Paper and pulp industries
  • Refineries

  • Greatly reduces seal temperature
  • Reduces blistering and seal cracking
  • Reduces wear on seal faces
  • Reduces friction and decreases power loss
  • Offers less sensitivity to solid contaminants

Abstract: Mechanical seals are used in pumps, compressors, mixers, and many other rotating machinery used in industry and prevent leakage of process fluid (liquid/gas) from the system into the environment. The majority of failures (hot spotting, heat checking, excessive surface distortion, and cracking at the interface) in mechanical seals are due to excessive heat generation that occurs on the seal’s face where the rotor (primary ring) and the stator (mating ring) come into direct contact. As the result, seals tend to leak excessively, often resulting in a forced shut down. This invention offers a new generation of mechanical seal with superior heat transfer performance for use in many types of pumps. It lowers the seal face temperature, and reduces the danger of blistering and seal cracking. Its unique design can help reduce friction and wear, making your pumps longer lasting and safer for the environment.