Photoresist-Free Micropatterning on Polymer Surfaces

LSU Reference: 0023.1


  • Photochemical modification and micro-patterning of polymer surfaces.

  • Integrated electronics,
  • Capture elements
  • Sensing elements in micro-fluidic channels,
  • Microarrays,
  • Metalized polymer surfaces.

  • Chemical functionality is added to surfaces, particularly in micropatterns, without the need for a photoresist.

Abstract: A method is described for the direct photochemical modification and micro-patterning of polymer surfaces, without the need to use a photoresist. For example, micropatterns of various functional chemical groups, biomolecules, and metal films have been deposited on poly(carbonate) and poly(methyl methacrylate) surfaces. These patternsmay be used, for example, in integrated electronics, capture elements, or sensing elements in micro-fluidic channels.