Integrated Microfluidic Protein Analysis System

LSU Reference: 0622



  • Under Patent Prosecution

Description: Integrated electrophoresis, solid-phase microreactors and electrochromatographic units have been placed on an inexpensive, mass-producible polymeric “chip”

  • Rapid protein analysis
  • Biomarker discovery
  • Drug discovery
  • Plasma protein diagnostics
  • Bioterrorism defense
  • Forensics

  • Small sample size
  • Unprecedented resolving power and accuracy
  • Superior speed
  • Mobile and remote capability

Abstract: A fully-integrated, automated microfluidic sample processing system for complete proteomic analysis requires extremely small sample volumes and utilizes built-in conductivity sensors that eliminate the need for cumbersome, labor-intensive and potentially artifact-producing protein labeling. Novel “nanopost” technology that exposes the sample stream to unprecedented surface area is used in the digestion microreactor module; these nanoposts are easily modified through adfixing and immobilizing catalysts such as proteolytic enzymes, if desired.