Electrokinetic Thermal Cycler and Reactor

LSU Reference: 0509


  • Under Patent Prosecution


A powerful, miniaturized  “lab-on-a-chip” permits faster and more accurate  DNA analysis


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  • “Real-time” user-controlled polymerase chain reactions
  • Rapid pathogen identification
  • Forensics

  • Highly automated with “real-time” monitoring & user-control capabilities
  • On-board, label-free reaction product detection
  • Inexpensive

Abstract: An automated, electrokinetically-driven continuous-flow microfluidic device is capable of specimen heating and cooling at previously unattainable rates, vastly reducing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) reaction times. The device’s closed-loop architecture permits the specimen to be thermally cycled an arbitrary number of times, enabling time-efficient termination or the addition of reagents at the operator’s discretion. Integrated electroimpedance monitoring circuits are capable of real-time, label-free monitoring of reaction products such as PCR amplicons. The device may be inexpensively mass-produced, making it potentially disposable, reducing the risks of sample contamination