Mission Statement
The mission of the Office of Veterans Affairs is to provide quality service to students who served our country on active duty, and as reservists and National Guard members. We also assist children of deceased and 100 percent disabled veterans. This Web site will help you obtain the prompt delivery of the benefits you deserve. 


Students need to contact the LSU Office of Veterans Affairs in person, by telephone or e-mail to request processing of enrollment certifications.  Students need to officially request benefits by completing one of the following LSU VA "Fact Sheet" each semester they wish to claim benefits.  By completing the fact sheet each semester, students will provide our office with current information regarding addresses, degree objections, etc.


LSU VA Fact Sheet          

LSU Online Student VA Fact Sheet

The office also monitors student Selective Service registration and verification. Louisiana law requires the University to ensure that all male students, ages 18 through 25, register with the United States Selective Service System.