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John Breaux Symposium


The annual Breaux Symposium was established in 2000 as a core program of the Manship School of Mass Communication's Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs. Its goal is to explore areas where little or no research has been conducted and to approach ideas from a fresh perspective - in other words, to turn issues on their head. Underpinning the Manship School's focus on the study of media and politics, the Breaux Symposium's central question is: How well is the public being informed, and what must be done to increase citizen awareness and constructive debate?


The inaugural symposia featured Marvin Kalb, Walter Isaacson and David Broder discussing the role of the press at the turn of the century. In the past decade symposia topics have included new models for news, the role of advocacy groups in bypassing traditional media to reach voters and redefining public opinion polling in an age of segmented marketing and personalized communication.


Additional information and symposia reports are available by contacting the Reilly Center at (225) 578-7312.


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