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BS in Kinesiology

Concentration:  Human Movement Science  

Professions in Human Movement Science

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physician Assistant
  • Medicine
  • Dental


The LSU School of Kinesiology offers an interdisciplinary program of study in Human Movement Science designed for students pursuing entrance into various medically related fields. Those fields include but are not limited to Occupational Therapy School, Physical Therapy School, Physician’s Assistant Programs, Dental and Medical Schools. This curriculum in Human Movement Science is designed to provide students an opportunity to pursue studies in areas that will increase their knowledge of human movement performance. The program focuses on contributing to the scientific basis of human movement, developing theory and methods for maintaining health, preventing disability, and improving movement ability. Focusing on normal movement and movement disability requires a unique perspective in research and education that draws upon several interrelated sciences. The program focuses on movement across the lifespan for well and diseased populations.



Human Movement Science curriculum is challenging yet meets the standards of all accredited professional schools to which students seek entrance. Students who have declared Human Movement Science as their concentration are advised and mentored throughout their academic program helping them navigate the necessary steps to be successful both in and out of the classroom.  The program at LSU has graduated numerous students who have attended prestigious professional schools throughout the United States. The combination of the Human Movement Practicum and the cadaver lab has proven to be invaluable to aspiring medical professionals as they compete for the highly coveted admission to graduate program.


For detailed information about professional and graduate programs visit:


LSU Health New Orleans School of Allied Health Professions: http://alliedhealth.lsuhsc.edu/



LSU Health Shreveport School of Allied Health Professions:  http://www.lsuhscshreveport.edu/alliedhealth/alliedhealthhome.aspx


Admission requirements:

Admission into the School of Kinesiology undergraduate program requires a 2.5 GPA and completion with a C or better in English 1001, Math 1021, Math 1022, Biology 1201 and 1202.


Course requirements:

Total number of hours required for a BS in Kinesiology Human Movement Science Concentration is 120 hours. The curriculum varies depending on the area of specificity the student chooses to study i.e pre-med, OT, PT, PA but all are 120 hour programs. There are electives the students will need to meet the prerequisites for professional schools which could possibly require additional hours.


Students in the Human Movement Science are not required, but encouraged, to complete KIN 3519 and or KIN 4519 the cadaver lab which requires completion of KIN 2500 (Human Anatomy lecture) with an A or a B.  Students in this concentration are also not required but encouraged to take KIN 4505 the Human Movement Practicum which gives the student needed patient contact hours to fulfill the prerequisites for advanced medically-related degrees.




General Education39 Credit Hours
ENG 1001  3
ENG 20003
MATH 1021  3
MATH 10223
BIOL 1201  3
BIOL 12023
PHYS 20013
CMST 20603
Humanities Electives6
Art Electives3
Social Science Electives*6

 *Some specialties require PSYC 2000 and/or SOCL 2001 for Social Science General Education)




KIN 25003
KIN 25013
KIN 25043
KIN 35023
KIN 35133
KIN 35143
KIN 35153
KIN 45203
BIOL 21603
KIN Activity Courses4




Human Movement Science Courses50 Credit Hours
Required20 hours
BIOL 12013
BIOL 12023
BIOL 12083
BIOL 12093
KIN 35343
KIN 45123
KIN 45713
SOCL 2201 or EXST 22013
PHYS 20013
PHYS 20023
PHYS 21083
PHYS 21093
Select remaining 30 hours according to speciality 
Occupational Therapy17 Credit hours
EXST 2201 or SOSC 22013
CHEM 12013
CSC 1100 or ISDS 11003
KIN 25093
KIN 26013
KIN 3500 or KIN 35193
PSYC 2070 or PSYC 40703
PSYC 30823
Physician Assistant16  Credit hours
CHEM 12013
CHEM 12023
CHEM 12123
KIN 25093
KIN 3500 OR 35193
BIOL 20513
Pre-Physical Therapy  23-24 Credit hours
CSC 1100 or ISDS 11003
CHEM 12013
CHEM 12023
CHEM 12123
PSYC 20703
PSYC 30823
BIOL 2051 or  3090 or 41043
ENG 2001 or 2002 or 30033
Pre-medicine16 Credit hours
CHEM 12013
CHEM 12023
CHEM 12123
CHEM 22613
CHEM 22623
CHEM 23643


8 Semester Plan for Human Movement Science



Contact for students who have questions or need more information:

Name: Dr. Wanda Hargroder
Email: whargro@lsu.edu
Phone: 225-578-7178


Program Area Faculty

Wanda Hargroder
Dennis Landin
Jan Hondzinski

Michael MacLellan
Arend VanGemmert

Sara Winges