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Athletic Training Textbooks, Supplies, and Other Costs

Below is a summary of costs that the student can expect to spend during an academic associated with the program (this list is not inclusive):

Textbooks and Course Materials/Fees

  • $200-$300 per semester
  • Students are responsible for associated laboratory/course fees, as well as required equipment/clothing that is required to participate in the professional phase of the program.

Professional Malpractice Insurance

  • $20-$30 per year
  • Student responsibility
  • Must be obtained prior to beginning clinical experiences in August and must be current throughout academic year.


  • Students are provided uniforms at no charge to the student through the LSU Athletic Department
  • Additional attire (e.g., dress slacks, dress jacket, etc.) will vary according to the clinical assignment and will be the responsibility of the student to purchase (if needed).

Health/Dental Insurance and General Medical Services

  • Varies per student
  • Student responsibility
  • Student health insurance can also obtained through LSU Student Health Center

Hepatitis B Vaccination

  • Optional for the student; must provide documentation or signed waiver
  • Approximately $120-150 for the three-shot series
  • Can be obtained through LSU Student Health Center

First Aid & Professional Rescuer CPR

  • $20-$25 per year
  • Student responsibility
  • Certification only through American Red Cross
  • Length of certification: Professional CPR/AED (1 year); First Aid (3 years)
  • All students are required to participate in the Professional Rescuer CPR/AED training each year prior to beginning clinical experiences associated with KIN 3505, with the First Aid certification training required for 1st year cohort students and optional for 2nd and 3rd Year cohort students.  Certification/Re-Certification is administered during Fall In-Services at LSU campus. The Professional Rescuer CPR/AED certification is valid for 1 year of date of issuance; First Aid certification is valid for 3 years from the date of issuance.

Physical Examination

  • Initial examination must be obtained through LSU Student Health Center at student’s expense (approximately $30) prior to beginning application process to program. 
  • Yearly follow-up examinations are performed by the medical staff of the LSU Athletic Department at no charge to the student, however, student is responsible for any charges associated with the physical examination.

Tuberculosis (TB) Testing

  • Can be obtained at the LSU Student Health Center or local Public Health Center
  • Student responsibility
  • Approximately $5-10 for the test, which requires two visits (1st visit to be injected with testing agent; 2nd visit must occur 2-3 days after 1st visit to assess injected area)
  • Required testing effective August 1, 2006

Travel To Off-Campus Clinical Affiliated Sites/Assignments

  • Students are responsible for obtaining transportation to/from a designated off-campus clinical affiliated site.  The student is encouraged to car-pool with the clinical instructor or fellow student (when available).