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Athletic Training Mission & Goals


The mission of the Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training at Louisiana State University is to produce entry-level BOC Certified Athletic Trainers (ATC) who possess the qualities of cultural competency, clinical proficiency, loyalty, legal and ethical medical practice, professionalism, and accountability in their academic endeavors and career in athletic training.

Program Goals

  1. Prepare athletic training students to effectively communicate and build positive professional relationships with patients, administrators, other healthcare providers, and the public.
  2. Prepare athletic training students with well-rounded clinical and didactic experiences to meet the knowledge and skills requirements of the entry-level certified athletic trainer to effectively practice healthcare.
  3. Prepare athletic training students to utilize current and emerging technologies in patient education and patient care.
  4. Prepare athletic training students to integrate research into daily clinical practice through the acquisition, use, and practice of evidence-based medicine.
  5. Prepare athletic training students to provide culturally competent and efficient medical care to a diverse patient population.
  6. Develop the foundation of the athletic training students’ professional philosophy that reflects primacy of the patient, professional and patient advocacy, and legal/ethical medical practice.