Neil  Johannsen 
Assistant Professor
Bachelor's Degree(s): BS in Chemistry, South Dakota State University
PhD: Ph.D. in Health & Human Performance, Iowa State University
Phone: (225)578-5314
Fax: (225)578-3680
Office: 83 Huey P. Long Field House


Neil M. Johannsen, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology at Louisiana State University.  In 1998, he graduated from South Dakota State University with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.  His graduate training was conducted at Iowa State University where he obtained a Ph.D. within the Department of Health and Human Performance in 2007 with a focus on the Biologic Basis of Exercise, in particular, exercise metabolism and physiologic responses to fluid intake during exercise.  During his time at Iowa State University, he was awarded the Future Faculty Fellowship Award for demonstrating outstanding scholarship and promise for becoming a faculty member in higher education.  From 2007 until 2012, he was at Pennington Biomedical Research Center as a Post-doctoral Researcher and later, an Instructor, in the Department of Preventive Medicine.  His research focus at Pennington was the study of physical activity and exercise training effects on chronic disease and special populations where he played an integral role in more than 10 research studies involving populations ranging from young lean adults to older adults, overweight/obese people, individuals with type 2 diabetes, and women with a history of breast cancer.  Dr. Johannsen remains on the Preventive Medicine team at Pennington as a Adjunct Assistant Professor.

Selected Publications


Nauta MM, Swift DL, Myers VH, Earnest CP, Johannsen NM, Champagne CM, Parker BD, Levy E, Cash KC, and Church TS.  Cancer survival through weight loss and exercise (CASTLE): a pilot study.  Accepted, Int J Behav Med, 3/2012. 


Earnest CP, Lupo M, Thibodaux J, Hollier C, Lejeune E, Johannsen NM, and Church TS.  An examination of improving insulin sensitivity using interval training in patients at risk for pre-diabetes. Accepted, Int J Sports Med, 2/2012. 


Johannsen NM, Swift DL, Earnest CP, Blair SN, and Church TS.  Effect of different doses of aerobic exercise on total white blood cell (WBC) and white blood cell subfractions.  PLoS One, 2012 Feb 17, [Epub].  


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