Brian  Soebbing 
Assistant Professor
Bachelor's Degree: Management, Saint Louis University (John Cook School of Business), 2005
Master's Degree: Recreation, Sport and Tourism, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007
PhD: Physical Education and Recreation, University of Alberta, 2011
Phone: (225)578-0849
Fax: (225)578-3680
Office: 129 Huey P. Long Fieldhouse


Dr. Brian Soebbing is an assistant professor in sport management within the Department of Kinesiology at Louisiana State University.  His main research focus is on the strategic behavior of sports leagues and teams both at the amateur and professional level.  Dr. Soebbing’s secondary research interest examines the social and economic impacts of gambling.  He has served as a manuscript reviewer for peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Sport Management, Journal of Sports Economics, International Journal of Sport Finance, Southern Economic Journal, Sociology of Sport Journal and Contemporary Economic Policy. He has served as conference referee for the Academy of Management Conference and the European Association for Sport Management Conference. He holds current memberships with the following organizations: Academy of Management, North American Society for Sport Management and North American Association of Sports Economists.

Selected Publications

Soebbing, B. P., & Humphreys, B. R. (In press). Do gamblers think that teams tank? An analysis of NBA point spreads. Contemporary Economic Policy.


Humphreys, B. R., & Soebbing, B. P. (2012). A test of monopoly price dispersion under demand uncertainty. Economics Letters, 114(3), 304-307.


Soebbing, B. P., & Washington, M. (2011). Leadership succession and organizational performance: Football coaches and organizational issues. Journal of Sport Management, 25(6), 550-561.


Humphreys, B. R., Soebbing, B. P., Wynne, H., Turvey, J., & Lee, Y. S. (2011, May 25). University of Alberta SEIGA research team: Final report to the Alberta Gaming Research Institute on the socioeconomic impact of gambling in Alberta. Final report available at https://dspace.ucalgary.ca/handle/1880/48545.


Humphreys, B. R., Lee, Y. S., & Soebbing, B. P. (2011). Modeling consumers’ participation in gambling markets and frequency of gambling. Journal of Gambling Business and Economics, 5(1), 1-22.


Price, J., Soebbing, B. P., Berri, D., & Humphreys, B. R. (2010). Tournament incentives, league policy, and NBA team performance revisited. Journal of Sports Economics, 11(2), 117-135.


Soebbing, B. P., & Mason, D. S. (2009). Managing legitimacy and uncertainty in professional team sport: The NBA’s draft lottery. Team Performance Management, 15(3/4), 141-157.


Soebbing, B. P. (2008). Competitive balance and attendance in Major League Baseball: An empirical test of the uncertainty of outcome hypothesis. International Journal of Sport Finance, 3(2), 119-126.


Selected Presentations


Soebbing, B. P., & Washington, M. (2012). Do fans come to watch thugs? An investigation of the relationship between player behaviour and fan attendance in the NFL. North American Society for Sport Management Conference.


Cole, B. M., Soebbing, B. P., & Washington, M. (2011). Logics of logics: Rigidity and responsiveness logics in the National Football League. Academy of Management Conference.


Feddersen, A., Humphreys, B. R., & Soebbing, B. P. (2011). Shirking and contest incentives in European Football. Western Economic Association International Conference.


Soebbing, B., & Mason, D. (Advisor). (2011). The effect of the NBA Draft policies on the perception of teams tanking: An examination of NBA point spreads. North American Society for Sport Management Conference.


Soebbing, B., Watanabe, N., & Humphreys, B. (2011). The effects of competitive balance and price dispersion on Major League Baseball attendance. North American Society for Sport Management Conference.

Humphreys, B. R., Soebbing, B. P., & Turvey, J. (2010). Does International simulcast wagering reduce live handles at Canadian racetracks? Southern Economic Association Conference.


Soebbing, B. P. (2010). Strategic behavior of sports leagues.  Amateur draft policy and competitive balance in the NBA.  European Conference in Sports Economics.


Contributor to the International Journal of Sport Finance blog.


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