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B.A. in Philosophy

All LSU undergraduate philosophy majors receive rigorous training in ethics, history of philosophy, and logic. To fill out their major, students choose from a variety of courses covering a number of areas of philosophy according to their individual interests. Partly because of the interdisciplinary nature of philosophical study, a significant number of philosophy majors also major in another discipline.

B.A. Degree Requirements

Philosophy majors take a minimum of 27 hours of PHIL courses, including:

  • PHIL 2010 (Symbolic Logic I)
  • PHIL 2020 (Ethics) or PHIL 3052 (Moral Philosophy)*
  • PHIL 2033 (History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy) or PHIL 2053 (HONORS: History of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy) and
  • PHIL 2035 (History of Modern Philosophy) plus
  • 15 hours of electives

At least 15 of the 27 hours of philosophy must be in courses numbered 3000 and above, and at least 6 of the 15 must be at the 4000 level. Degree credit will not be allowed for more than 6 hours of courses numbered below 2000. Note that 2033 is offered only in fall semester, and 2035 is offered only in spring semester.

*NOTE: Students who entered LSU prior to Fall 2010 and who have not opted for the Fall 2010 catalog degree requirements should substitute PHIL 4943 (Problems in Ethical Theory) for PHIL 3052. Please contact the undergraduate advisor for Philosophy for further information.