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Graduate Students

Current Graduate Students and their Interests

Michael Althouse Rhetoric

Jonathan Broussard Rhetoric

Kaitlin Cannava Interpersonal communication, mimicry, language, storytelling, and conversation

Nicole Costantini Performance studies

Jonathan Denham Interpersonal communication

Elizabeth Earle Rhetoric 

Judson Eldredge Interpersonal communication

Laura Hatcher Interpersonal communication

Stephanie Heath Performance studies

Andrew Jones Rhetoric

Brian Leslie Rhetoric

Matthew Maddex Hip hop as a political & social movement, genocide rhetoric & politics, identity politics, political science, rhetorical criticism, critical race & whiteness studies

Austin McDonald Politics of gender, sex & sexuality, narratology, horror films, pastiche, critical geography, competitive forensics

Bonny McDonald Performance studies, performative writing, creative movement, the role of performance in environmental & social justice movements, community-building, intercultural communication, whiteness & African-American studies, youth development, & vocalese.

Emily Mistrzak Performance studies

Bryan Moe Rhetorical theory & criticism, the rhetoric of food & communication in everyday life, corporate rhetoric, social influence & social movements

Derek Mudd Performance studies, theatre, performance pedagogy, vocal training, queer theory

Douglas Mungin Performance studies

Sanela Osmanovic Interpersonal communication

Barbara Cook Overton Interpersonal communication

Raquel Polanco Performance studies

Raquel Robvais Cultural rhetoric, presidential speeches & political songs in the shaping of a society; the rhetoric of conscious, freedom & hope in the writings & speeches of Martin King

Michael Rold Humor in interpersonal communication, political messages & emotions, role of religion in managing emotions

Cassie Shimek Interpersonal communication 

Elizabeth Sills Rhetoric, political science, politics in pop culture, & humor

Andrea Vickery Interpersonal communication

Wade Walker Rhetoric

Joey Watson Film & media studies, film, video & new media production, popular culture, rhetoric & the public sphere, pedagogy, critical cultural studies

Richie White Interpersonal communication

Travis Williams Performance Studies


2013 –  2014 Graduates

  • Micah Caswell, M.A.
  • Sarah Jackson, Ph.D.
  • Christopher Mapp, Ph.D.
  • Lindsay Michalik, Ph.D.
  • David Tarvin, Ph.D.


2012 –  2013 Graduates

  • Brandon Bannon, Ph.D. 
  • Kaitlin Cannava, M.A.
  • Mollye Deloach, M.A.
  • Ariel Gratch, Ph.D.
  • Emily Graves, M.A.
  • Benjamin Haas, Ph.D.
  • Jade Huell, Ph.D.
  • Shaughan Keaton, Ph.D.
  • Douglas Mungin, M.A.
  • Michelle Pence, Ph.D.
  • Raquel Robvais, M.A.
  • Holley Vaughn, Ph.D.


2011 – 2012 Graduates

  • Travis Brisini, Ph.D.
  • Rya Butterfield, Ph.D.
  • Savannah Ganster, M.A.
  • Chris Gearhart, Ph.D.
  • John LeBret, Ph.D.
  • Brian Leslie, M.A.
  • Danielle McGeough, Ph.D.
  • Ryan McGeough, Ph.D.
  • Joe Rhodes, Ph.D.
  • Andrea Vickery, M.A.
  • Brianne Waychoff, Ph.D.

2010 – 2011 Graduates

  • Jennifer Erdely, Ph.D.
  • Kerry Jenkins, MA.
  • Lois Nemetz, Ph.D.
  • Linda Shkreli, Ph.D.
  • Rebecca Walker, Ph.D.