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Managers & HR Contacts Forms


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Manager & HR Contact Forms by Name (in alphabetical order)Instructions or Information
Academic Contract (PER-25) 
Act 264 Acknowledgement FormAttach in HRS as an 'AA' on the Documents tab.
Address ChangeChanging/Updating address with LSU & insurance providers.
Background Check Authorization FormOnly for positions not posted on Applicant Tracking.
Civil Service Position Description (SF-3) 
Crisis Leave Donation FormCrisis Leave Policy
Crisis Leave Request FormCrisis Leave Policy
Drug Policy AcknowledgementSubmit only if unable to complete online (not common).
Employee Information Sheet & Loyalty OathSubmit only if unable to complete online (not common).
Exit ChecklistFor department use only.
Faculty Annual Evaluation TemplateUsed for Faculty only.
Hire Above Entry Pay Justification Form 
I-9 Immigration Employment EligibilityI-9 Tutorial
Job Description Template

Job Description Sample

List of Competencies 

List of Action Verbs

Leave Accrual Rate Election FormSubmit only if unable to complete online (not common).
Leave Slip ApplicationPS-12
Mobile Device AgreementFASOP: AS-24
Mobile Device RequestFASOP: AS-24
Name ChangeChanging/Updating name with LSU & insurance providers.
New Hire ChecklistFor department use only.
Outside Employment of University EmployeePM-11
Performance Management Core Competencies - Employees 
Performance Management Core Competencies - Supervisors 
Performance Management Log 
Performance Management Planning & Evaluation FormUsed for Professional, Classified, and Other Academic Employees.
Professional/Unclassified Contract (PER-40) 
Professorship Award Selection Form 
Promotion & Tenure Request FormInstructions on Promotion & Tenure Request
Property Transfer Disclosure FormProperty Transfer Disclosure Procedures
Provost Advisory Committee Form 
Rehired Retiree Information and Acknowledgment Form - LASERSUsed by a LASERS retiree upon returning to work regarding retirement options.
Rehired Retirees Information and Acknowledgment Form - ORPUsed by a ORP retiree upon returning to work regarding retirement options.
Rehired Retirees Information and Acknowledgment Form - TRSLUsed by a TRSL retiree upon returning to work regarding retirement options.
Relocation Authorization FormFor department use only.
Relocation Incentive AgreementRelocation Incentive Policy
Request for Recommendation from Provost Advisory CommitteeUsed when hiring a new faculty member with tenure.
Resignation/Separation Form 
Sabbatical Leave Request FormInstructions on Sabbatical Leave Request
TRSL Retiree Return-to-Work NotificationUsed by a retiree returning to work in a TRSL-eligible position.
Temporary Civil Service Appointment Form 
Waiver of Advertisement RequestPS-1


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Form directions and/or additional information are provided in the Instructions or Information column or within the form.


Forms that are submitted HRM can be scanned and emailed (unless original documents are required for processing) to hr@lsu.edu or sent via campus mail to 110 Thomas Boyd Hall.


For technical support on forms, contact an HR Generalist at 225-578-8200 or hr@lsu.edu.