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HRM Forms

Academic & Professional Salary Adjustment Guide

Academic Employee Request for 12 checks

Address Change 

Background Check Authorization Form 


Benefit Forms

Certification for Faculty Proficiency in Spoken English  (PS-81 for Academic Employees ONLY)

Civil Service Position Description  (SF-3)

Continuation of Benefits while on LWOP  (G1-1)


Continuation of Flexible Spending Account while of LWOP  (G1-1 Flex)



Crisis Leave


Direct Deposit Form (AS35)

Drug Policy Acknowledgement (appendix A to PS 67)



Employee Information Sheet

Evaluation Forms


Exit Checklist (For Department Use)



Grievance Form  (PS-80)

Hire Above Entry Pay Justification Form

Immigration Employment Eligibility - I-9 with copies of attachments

Insurance forms



Job Description Template (JDT)

Leave Election Form  (For Professional employees 51% effort and above only)

Leave Slip Application 

Name Change

New Hire Checklist  (For Department Use)

Offer Letter Samples

Outside Employment of University Employees (PM-11) form


Positive Discipline Forms

Professorship Award Selection Form

Promotion & Tenure Review Request Form

Provost's Advisory Committee Form

Relocation Authorization Form

Relocation Incentive Agreement Form

Resignation/Separation Form

Retirement Forms

Sabbatical Leave Request Form

Status Change Form

Tax Forms

Temporary Civil Service Appointments  (Restricted, Detail, and Job Appointments)

Tuition Exemption  (Employee Instructions)

Waiver of Advertisement Request