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Training and Development

Training and Development is committed to providing professional development, consulting, and assessment services to support continual improvement of effectiveness, both for the individual employee and the organization, in alignment with the University’s strategic objectives. Training and Development administers LEAD...Emerge, LSU’s leadership development program for new supervisors, candidates for promotion to a supervisory position, and current supervisors desiring professional and personal development. 


Please visit the following pages to learn what Training and Development can do for you!


Employee Annual Mandatory Training


HR Contact & Business Manager Certification

Training Classes for Employees


Consulting Services



Finding Your Unique ID/H-Number

To receive your H Number, click here and contact Chynsia Jenkins for the password at cjenki8@lsu.edu or 225-578-8333. Once the password is entered, search for your first and last name on the spreadsheet. If using a PC, hold the Ctrl key and click “f” on your keyboard to open the “find and replace window.”   

*More information on PES training below. 



Mandatory PES Training for Classified Supervisors

To register and complete an online course, you must login to the Louisiana Employees Online (LEO) using your unique ID/H-number.


To access PES Trainings using LEO: 

In LEO, you will be able to see your CPTP training transcript, search for other CPTP courses, pre-book for a future course, and take CPTP web-courses. Click here for information regarding the log in process for the LEO System e-courses or follow the steps below:


1. Click on this link: https://leo.doa.louisiana.gov.

2. To log into LEO for the first time, click on "First Time User" and follow the prompts to set up a password and security questions. 

3. Your User ID will be your unique H Number: H504_______.

    • Please be sure to include "H" before your 504 number.
    • See below for instructions on how to find your H Number.

4. An E-course Tutorial is found at this link: http://wwwprd.doa.louisiana.gov/lagov/Course_Info/MyTraining/player.html

5. Click on My Training tab> Training> Comprehensive Public Training Program in Course Catalog> CPTP web courses> Web Courses>

    • CPTP PES Basics (15 - 20 minutes)
    • CPTP PES Planning Process (45 - 60 minutes)
    • CPTP PES Evaluation Process (45 - 60 minutes)
    • CPTP PES Forms