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Welcome to the LSU Benefits website! 

This site will provide guidance and support for all employees and retirees concerning their benefits and retirement needs. Whether you are a new or current employee of LSU or a retiree, we are here to serve you. Browse through our website for information regarding health insurance, supplemental benefit plans, retirement plan options, and eligibility. Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns or comments.


Employees may view their benefit choices in myLSU. Click here for more information



Below are links that will take you directly to information regarding the various benefit options: 


Upcoming Financial Wellness Seminar

Hosted by Voya (formerly ING), Topic: “Investor Behavior”

Wednesday, Sept 10 at 10 a.m. & 2 p.m.

Student Union, Capital Chamber Room

  • When it comes to money and investing, we're not always as rational as we think we are - which is why there's a whole field of study that explains our sometimes-strange behavior. Where do you, as an investor fit in? Insight into the theory and findings of behavioral finance may help you answer this question.
  • Are you a new investor or a seasoned savor?  Either way, investor misconceptions can be dangerous.  Find out how you can identify and avoid the 6 patterns of investor irrationality.


Annual Enrollment 2014


The Office of Group Benefits has announced that there will be a 5% premium increase for all state employees and retirees with an OGB health plan. Effective July 1, state employees and retirees enrolled in Blue Cross PPO, HMO and CDHP plans will have a five percent increase in monthly premiums for health coverage through the state Office of Group Benefits (OGB). Because employees pay for health insurance one month in advance, the new premium will be reflected in your June paycheck.

Also, the Office of Group Benefits has announced that effective August 1, OGB members will see some changes to their medical and pharmacy plans. Some of the changes include benefit limits on certain services, prior authorization requirements for specific medical services and procedures, and a new formulary. Only certain medication and members are affected. Visit the OGB website for more information.

This increase does not apply to LSU First and Medical Home HMO health plan participants at this time.


Click here for the July 2014 - December 2014 Premium Rate Sheet


Please contact the Office of Human Resource Management at 225-578-8200 with any questions.





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Click here for the Benefits & Retirement Summary Snapshot


Click here for the Leave Without Pay (LWOP) Benefits & Retirement Snapshot


Click here for information on the Affordable Care Act



New Pharmacy Benefit Management for OGB Health Plans Beginning Jan. 2014

MedImpact Healthcare Systems, Inc. has been awarded a contract to provide pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services to OGB members beginning January 1, 2014. MedImpact is the nation's largest full-service pharmacy benefit manager, serving more than 35 million members across the U.S. Under the new contract, MedImpact will provide prescription drug coverage for the more than 220,000 benefit-eligible employees, retirees and dependents enrolled in the OGB HMO and PPO health plans administered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) of Louisiana.

Medicare-eligible retirees and their Medicare-eligible dependents will be covered by Medicare GenerationRx (Employer PDP), provided through MedImpact’s subsidiary, MedGenerations, effective January 1, 2014. Previous coverage will continue through December 31, 2013.

With MedImpact and MedGenerations, OGB member co-insurance and other out-of-pocket prescription drug costs will remain the same as they were last year.
Members will receive a new ID card in the mail in December that they can use at pharmacies beginning in January.

IMPORTANT: By enrolling in Medicare GenerationRx, Medicare-eligible retirees will automatically cancel their enrollment in a different Medicare prescription drug plan or a Medicare Advantage plan. That’s why they will receive a disenrollment letter from Express Scripts Medicare. There is no reason to worry; there will be no interruption in coverage. Members will be covered by Express Scripts Medicare through December 31, 2013, and will be covered by Medicare GenerationRx starting January 1, 2014. They do not have to do anything.

Please call OGB’s customer service department at 1-800-272-8451 for more information.



Premiums Only Plan


Monthly Premiums and Tax-Saver Premiums Only Plan
Employees' premiums are payroll deducted on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on the Employee’s pay schedule. The premiums for employees are eligible for tax sheltering under the Tax-Saver Premiums Only Plan.

Premiums Only Plan (POP)
• If you enroll in the Premiums Only Plan, your premiums for medical, dental, and vision offered through the Office of Group Benefits may automatically be deducted pre-tax from your paycheck before your taxable income is determined.
• There is no cost to participate in the Premiums Only Plan.
• There is no tax liability on the money put into the Premiums Only Plan.
• If you enroll in Premiums Only Plan and want to cancel any of the benefits being tax-sheltered under this plan, you may only do so if you experience a
qualifying event.
• If you do not experience a qualifying event, you may only cancel your participation during annual enrollment in October for a January 1 effective date.
• Enrollment in Premium Only Plan rolls over automatically from Plan Year to Plan Year; if you wish to cancel the Premium Only Plan you can do so during annual enrollment in October for a January 1 effective date, or within 30 days of a qualifying event if cancellation is consistent with the
qualifying event.
• You are not required to re-enroll in the Premiums Only Plan. Your elections for the Premiums Only Plan will rollover unless you opt out of the Plan during Annual Enrollment


Changes in Participation During the Year
Due to the tax advantages you enjoy under this program, the Internal Revenue Service imposes some restrictions on the changes you can make during the Plan Year. Once you have elected to participate in one or more of these accounts, you cannot change or revoke this election except during Annual Enrollment or if you experience a qualifying event.


A qualifying event only allows for changes to an existing election. If you did not make an election to participate in the Plan during Annual Enrollment or within 30 days of being eligible for benefits, a qualifying event will not allow for enrollment in the Plan mid-year. The only exception to this rule is in cases where there is a loss of other coverage.


Use the following form to enroll in the Premiums Only Plan

*If you did not make an election to participate in the Plan during Annual Enrollment or within 30 days of being eligible for benefits, a qualifying event will not allow for enrollment in the Plan mid-year. 


Click here to view the list of Qualifying Events


Annual Enrollment
Each year during the month of October, eligible employees have an opportunity to add or change their Health Plan and Voluntary Benefit elections for an effective date of January 1.