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Ed.S. in Curriculum and Instruction



The program for the Certificate of Education Specialist (Ed.S) in Educational Theory, Policy & Practice requires a minimum of 60 credits beyond the bachelor's degree which includes a Master's degree.  A minimum of 18 hours of the last 24 hours must be taken for resident credit in the Department Educational Theory, Policy & Practice of at LSU.  All programs must be approved by the student's departmental advisor. All programs must include the following components:


Humanistic and Behavioral Studies

Select from areas such as Educational Foundations, Special Education, Multicultural Education, Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy, Human Development, or Anthropology.  The courses must be from two different areas.


6 hrs.


Select two courses from the following or comparable courses approved by the advisor:


ELRC 4249   Understanding and Applying Research in Education
ELRC 4200   Measurement and Evaluation of Student Achievement
ELRC 4006   Applied Statistics in Education
PSYC 4111    Intermediate Statistics
EXST 4001    Statistical Methods


6 hrs.

Area of Specialization 
(30 hours) (must include 18 hours beyond Masters)

Core Requirements

  • Practicum (e.g. EDCI 7610, 7684, 7728, 7748, 7768 or approved equivalent.)


  • Course which fits specialization selected from EDCI 4025, 4040, 7821/22, 7843, 7824, 7825,  7901, 7902, 7903, or approved equivalent.


A number of specializations are possible within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction.  A focus and coursework will be selected by joint agreement between student and advisor in consultation with other faculty members as needed.




6 hrs.


3 hrs. 




21 hrs. 


Select 18 hours.  Must be approved by advisor.


18 hrs.

Total (minimum)60 hrs.