Cynthia  F.  DiCarlo 
Associate Professor
Bachelor's Degree(s): Sociology, University of New Orleans, 1992
Master's Degree: Early Childhood Special Education, University of New Orleans, 1995
PhD: Educational Leadership, University of New Orleans, 2004
Other Degrees: National Board Certification, Early Childhood through Young Adulthood/Exceptional Needs Specialist, 2004
Phone: (225) 578-7005
Office: 123B Peabody Hall


Dr. DiCarlo’s research is facilitating behavior change in educators to improve outcomes for young children. She has presented her research at the Association for Behavior Analysis, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the American Education Research Association conferences. She currently serves as a co-advisor for the Student Association for the Education of Young Children student organization.

Awards & Honors

DiCarlo, C. (2010). Tiger Athletic Foundation Teaching Award. College of Agriculture, Louisiana State University.

Selected Publications

Deris, A.R., DiCarlo, C.,F., & Deris, T.P. (in press).Evidence-based practice: Using story-based interventions to improve social behavior in the general education setting. Focus on Inclusion.


Deris, A. R., DiCarlo, C., Flynn, L. L., Ota, C., & O’Hanlon, A. (in press). Investigation of social supports for parents of children with autism. International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education.


Baumgartner, J., & DiCarlo, C. (in press). Reducing workplace stress. Childcare Exchange.


DiCarlo, C., Baumgartner, J., Schellhaas, A., & Pierce,S., (2012). Using Structured Choice to Increase Child Engagement in Low Preference Centers. Early Child Development & Care, 182(3), 1-16.


Baumgartner, J., Burnett, L., DiCarlo, C. & Buchanan, T. (2012). An inquiry of children’s social support networks using eco-maps. Child and Youth Care Forum, doi: 10.1007/s10566-011-9166-2  

DiCarlo, C., Pierce, S., Baumgartner, J.J., Harris, M., & Ota, C. (2012). Whole-group  instruction practices and children’s attention:  A preliminary report. Journal of Research in Childhood Education, 26(2), 154-168.


DiCarlo, C. & Baumgartner, J. (2011). Promoting Positive Behavior in the Preschool  Classroom. Focus on Pre-K and K, 24(1), 4-7.


Baumgartner, J., DiCarlo, C., & Apavaloie, L. (2011). Finding more joy in teaching children. Dimensions Extra, 39(2), 21-24.


Baumgartner, J., DiCarlo, C., & Apavaloie, L. (2011). Finding more joy in teaching children. Dimensions, 39(2), 34-38.


Selected Presentations

DiCarlo, C., & Baumgartner, J. (2012). Engaging Pre-service Teachers in the Research Process: Teacher Research in the University Classroom. National Association of Early Childhood Teacher Educators Conference, Atlanta, GA.

Deris, A., & DiCarlo, C. (2012). Working with Diverse Families. Division for Early Childhood Conference, Minneapolis, MN.


DiCarlo, C. (October, 2011). Promoting Positive Behavior in the Preschool Classroom. Invited presentation at the Gulf Summit on Early Childhood Education, Biloxi, MS.


DiCarlo, C., Baumgartner, J., & Pierce, S. (April, 2011). Whole-Group Instruction Practices and Young Children's Attention. Presentation at the American Education Research Association, New Orleans, LA.