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What's At Stake?

Many of the programs that have had a lasting impact on the LSU student experience have been adversely impacted by the successive budget rescissions we have faced since 2008. Below is a snapshot of how programs have been impacted:


1. Orientation/Welcome Programs
        a. Harambeé is no longer held in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center.
        b. The loss of a nationally renowned speaker at Harambeé to welcome and encourage African             American students as they begin the academic year.
        c. Offerings and activities during Umoja have been reduced.

2. SPRINGFEST Recruitment Weekend
        a. Less available spots for high school juniors to visit LSU thereby reducing the number of potential             students that will see LSU as their top college choice.
        b. Retention activities for current LSU students (i.e., SPRINGFEST Greek Show, Block Party,             Fashion Show, and Crawfish Boil) to enjoy during SPRINGFEST have been eliminated.

3. Black History Month (BHM)
        a. The BHM Tribute Program has been eliminated.
        b. The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee (MLK) and Black History Month Committee now                           co-sponsor the MLK & BHM Commemorative Celebration.
        c. The loss of a designated national keynote speaker to discuss African American issues and             scholarship.

4. Cultural Programming
        a. Cutbacks to other mainstay programs such as MLK, Pre-Kwanzaa, and Juneteenth.


Further reductions will result in further scaling back programs or the elimination of programs altogether.