Brooke  Rollins 
Assistant Professor
Bachelor's Degree(s): Bloomsburg University
Master's Degree: University of South Carolina
PhD: University of South Carolina
Phone: (225) 578-2982
Office: 212-K Allen Hall

Area of Interest

Rhetorical Theory, Critical Theory, History of Rhetoric, Writing Pedagogy

Selected Publications


“Persuasion's Ethical Force: Levinas, Gorgias and the Rhetorical Address,” JAC (forthcoming).

"Inheriting Deconstruction: Rhetoric and Composition's Missed Encounter with Jacques Derrida," College English 69 

        (2006): 11-27.

"The Ethics of Epideictic Rhetoric: Addressing the Problem of Presence through Jacques Derrida's Funeral Orations." 

        Rhetoric Society Quarterly 35 (2005): 5-23.

“‘Some Kind of a Man': Orson Welles as Touch of Evil 's Masculine Auteur.” The Velvet Light Trap 57 (Spring 

        2006): 32-41. 

“Collusion and Collaboration: Concealing Authority in Writing Center Conversation.” With Trixie Smith & Evelyn 

        Westbrook. (E)merging Identities: Graduate Students in the Writing Center . Ed. Melissa Dunbar Nichols. 

        Southlake: Fountainhead Press (2008): 119-140.



Present Tense: Contemporary Themes for Writers . With Lee Bauknight. Boston: Cengage Learning, January 2009.