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Anna  Nardo 
Alumni Professor
Bachelor's Degree(s): Emory University
Master's Degree: Emory University
PhD: Emory University
Phone: (225) 578-3166
Office: 237-F Allen Hall

Area of Interest

Shakespeare and Film, John Milton, George Eliot.

Awards & Honors

LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award, 2003

Alumni Professorship, 1998; Nicholson Award for Excellence in Teaching, 1993

James Holly Hanford Award for best Milton article of 1991; H.M. "Hub"

Cotton Faculty Excellence Award, 1988.

Selected Publications


George Eliot's Dialogue with John Milton (2003)

The Ludic Self in Seventeenth-Century English Literature (1991)

Milton's Sonnets and the Ideal Community (1979).



"Branagh's Play with Shakespeare's Play in 'Love's Labor's Lost,'" Shakespeare Survey (2008); "Stoppard's Spacemen: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern on Film," Literature Film Quarterly (2008); "Dialogue in Shakespearean Offshoots", Literature Film Quarterly (2007); "A Space for Academic Recreation: Milton's Proposal in The Reason of Church-government"; Literary Circles and Cultural Communities in Renaissance England (2000); Romola and Milton: A Cultural History of Rewriting, Nineteenth-Century Literature (1998); A The Education of Milton's Good Angels, Arenas of Conflict (1997); "Milton and the Academic Sonnet," Milton in Italy (1991); "Academic Interludes in Paradise Lost," Milton Studies (1991).